Dried Fruits are small but concentrated in nutrition, high in fiber, potassium. Easy to digest, they are good cleansers of blood and improve our digestive system. Dried fruits contain vitamins and minerals in their composition, are found to be useful in many functions of the human body.
TWG, reach to manufacturer directly, analyse the all process and find the best products to best prices for you. For sustainable trade, TWG professionals always in your side for the research market and find reliable producers.


Dried Fruits:

⦁ Apricot
⦁ Figs
⦁ Apples
⦁ Tomatoes
⦁ Grapes
⦁ Pears and more


Packaged nuts and fruits undergo strictly controlled production and control processes in terms of hygiene before reaching your table, showing that they have already passed tests for aflatoxin and similar substances.
Depends on your requirements, TWG’s professionals make a market research and provide all kinds of high-quality nuts in small and large quantities with affordable prices. TWG, intend to 100 % satisfaction for every order. TWG contact best manufacturer to ensure that our customers get nothing but the best



⦁ Sunflower Seed
⦁ Almond
⦁ Pistachio
⦁ Hazelnut
⦁ Cashew
⦁ Peanuts
⦁ Roasted Corn
⦁ Chickpeas
⦁ Mixed Nuts